Sunday, September 27, 2009

Male Plastic Surgery Becoming More Popular Each Day

Cosmetic Surgery for Men

A growing number of men are turning to plastic surgery to keep themselves looking younger. Youth-oriented culture may be behind the trend, but so is men's increasing comfort with admitting they care about their looks and their health. As evidenced by more and more people seeking treatment for conditions such as erectile dysfunction, times have changed and men now take increasing responsibility for their own choices in health care. One aspect of this is the growth in cosmetic surgery.

Today more men than ever are opting for cosmetic surgery. According to The Men's Health Forum, the proportion of men going under the knife has increased by more than 140 per cent over the past five years. The Harley Medical Group said that one in four of the liposuctions it carries out are on men. The procedure, which can be applied to areas such as the abdomen, chest and chin, costs around £3,700 and necessitates a week off work for recovery. The director of the Harley Medical Group, Dale, said: "The idea of men letting [their bodies] go with increased age is no longer accurate.

Medics have seen a dramatic increase in the number of 50-something male patients coming into their clinics. Liposuction is the most popular procedure. Men tend to rid themselves of love handles and sagging abdomens, doctors said, while women reduce flabby thighs and hips. Face-lifts, tummy-tucks, neck-lifts, eyebrow-lifts, nose jobs and chin implants are also gaining in popularity among men.

There are two primary reasons men visit a plastic surgeon. They want to look younger to remain competitive in the work force. And those who are divorced and dating again want to project an image of vitality to lure potential mates. In the intense competition of the business world, there is often a perception, correct or not, that an older person is less up to date and efficient.


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